Cars Section

In this section, I’ll show up some downloadable wallpapers of cars, which is made by using photoshop. I made this due to my obsession of Automotive and graphic design. I want my friends to be able to use photoshop for this purpose, I think it’s effective to refresh our minds.

I’m in progress in converting every possible cars here into right – hand drive (JDM – Japanese Domestic Market and IDM – Indonesian Domestic Market). So you’ll see some changes on some pictures shown here.

Okay, this is my Cars Section.

I changed the Silvia previously shown here with this new Silvia. This time I’m inspired by D1GP. The red stickers on the whole car’s body is the sign of an imaginary team founded by me and my friend, named ADRT (Adrian – Didit Racing Team).

Don’t you think this Silvia looks meaner? I think it is, because the white body combined by carbon fiber hood really reflect it’s power. And this time, I want the whole body clean (more JDM, hurray…!!!) 😀

This time is a elegant style, which is has been used very often by our tuners. They call it VIP style. It comes from Japan and it’s an alternative for daily driving. I think this is a perfect style for an Aurion a.k.a Camry.

I changed the Celica here and place in a re-customized one because the old one looks kinda lame (at least for me). It’s still the same, a Celica made for my friend and as you can see, her name is written on the front licence plate. Well, this time the theme is ‘The Beast inside The Beauty’.

This is a replica of my friend’s car. Someday she told me that her family has just bought a used car and it’s body color is purple, so I think it looks similar with this IS300. 😀

I have to re-customize the 10th gen Corolla shown here so in exchange I place in an extremely modified CR-V. This CR-V also belongs to ADRT (Adrian – Didit Racing Team). It doesn’t participate in any racing event, this is just a supporting car.

This is the white version of the previous Camry shown here. I made some kind of more variations by adding some aerodynamic package to the front bumper.

haha… 😀 Does this Lotus Europa make you confused and guess this as a Porsche Carrera GT?
Well, don’t be, because it’s really my intention to make this Europa as similar as Carrera GT. The only reason is because their body shapes are pretty similar.

Watch out, speeders! You can no longer mess up on the street because now Police has GT-Spected BMW patrol car. Be prepared for this one! :3

Initial Drive, Initial Drift, Initial Dream! haha… that’s my favorite phrase every time I talk or hear about cars. Yup! this car’s concept is taken from Initial D fourth stage, more exactly, Keisuke’s FD.
not exactly the same, though, but I’m quite satisfied of it, regarding that it was hard to get the suitable body kit for an RX-7.

Orin… Orin… these are your Yaris, there are two versions of them. One with elegant style (more look like a fashion car) and the other one is racing style (I use carbon like crazy here). Tell me which one do you like the most?

Civic Estilo Custom Rebrushed photo Honda_Civic_EG6_CA.jpg

I built these cars for someone who looks really pathetic (at least in my opinion, he looks that way). If you wanna know, here’s the hint : He has red hair and likes to act heroic, although that just makes himself involved in touh situations. He sure is hopeless but surrounded by girls. D***!!! that’s really enviable. But, after all, I hope these cars will make him looks way cooler. Go hit the street, Bro!!!

Pimp My Ride really Rocks!!! I got this chrome idea after watching it. I don’t expect that using chrome onto the whole car’s body will make such a fantastic effect.

As I said before, I will replace this car with the better one. Well, this Matrix uses Carbon Fiber over fenders which make it more sporty (I wanna say something else, but I’m afraid it’ll be too difficult to be understood). I think this Matrix looks pretty similar to a rally car, isn’t it?

This is a car of my friend, or at least it will be, because I made this RSX specially for her, who wants to see a car with a cat sticker and I wrote her name on the right door, under the wing mirror. Oh, wait, she isn’t the only one, actually I also want to see it. Wonder why? yea… I haven’t made it because I was looking for a suitable car for this cat sticker, that’s all. :\

Elegant parade!!! I can’t say anything since these two cars are modified in an elegant way, although one of them has extreme wheels, OMG!!! 😮

This NSX is inspired by Super GT race. The only difference is maybe because it looks clean with no sticker on it’s body.

The racing fever has come! I’m into Racing style so much right now. That’s why I applied a Racing Style onto this Civic VTi, more exactly, JGTC Style.Notice the big spoiler and the extreme wide body kit. As for this one, we can say this is the 2nd edition. I’ve changed the color and the sticker. If you’re searching for ADRT’s logo, it’s now placed on the front fenders.

Aveo ABT photo Chevrolet_Aveo_D21FT.jpg Chevrolet Aveo Contest Spec photo Chevrolet_Aveo_C0nt3st.jpg Aveo Time Attack Red Wheels photo Chevrolet_Aveo_TimeAttack_zps345ac0d7.jpg

I’ve imagined a modified shape of Aveo since a long time ago, and this is how my imagination should look like. A wide body kit installed on Aveo, it’s just too hot!

I think elegant style is totally perfect for this Vios. “It’s been an elegant car from the manufacturer, so why don’t we just add more elegance in it?”, that’s what I thought when I modified this Vios. Anyway, the only weird thing here is I got the concept from a white Taxi (pretty weird, isn’t it?)

A Veilside body kit for a brand new 370Z? Why not? But is there any for it yet? Oh, don’t worry about it, this is just my creation. Anyway, it’s pretty nice, isn’t it?

Know this car? this is the brand new Hyundai Genesis. I got the concept from RMR (what’s this? Ask Granpa Google for more information).

Sometimes I want to modify a unique car, just for the change of pace. And, yeah, I finally can modify this Karimun a.k.a Kenari with Extreme Style. Oh, and I’ve just realized it, it looks kinda ‘fancy’. Well, doesn’t match?

Hm… actually I modify this Mazda6 for someone whom everyone might have already know. But personally, I don’t know whether she will like this car or not. Because… she prefers black to white !

This is another car for another friend of mine. One day he told me to modify this old 180SX. He didn’t want to change his choice to a newer car, even after I convinced him to. So in the end I just modify this 180SX with JDM style, and Hatsune Miku sticker on it (because he loves Hatsune Miku so much).

Vocaloid IS350 photo Lexus_IS350.jpg

I don’t know why, but after I see this Hatsune Miku sticker, I’m inspired to modify this IS 350. Well, this time I made it under my own intention.

 photo Honda_Civic_Mugen-RR_Haruhi_zps5b210ae0.jpg

Civic Mugen RR for AutoCross, why not? With such a hot driver they double the heat, too.

 photo Nissan_Skyline_GTS-R_R34_zps9172ec02.jpg

This almost-look-like-GTR Nissan Skyline GT-S is built for only one purpose, DRIFT. It’s equipped with Do-Luck body kit for R34 GT-R for an aggressive look.

Somehow I’m confused with this car. I made a sporty, rally-inspired body kit for it but I also applied an anime styled sticker on it. Is it a rally or a contest car?

I just don’t get it… Looks like I can’t modify cars in elegant style anymore, thanks to my habit of modifying cars in racing and extreme style. Even to make add-on body kits for this Soluna, I had to see some references from some well-known tuners. So although it looks simple but it took a while to finish it.

The shape of this widebody kits was taken from a game (or a graphic novel…?), if I’m not mistaken. It looks very good so I think it’s a waste for it to be just remaining in tha game, so I brought it to the real world to see what it will look like if a real Impreza GD has the widebody kits applied on it.

Nick's Golden FD3S photo Mazda_RX-7_Gold_zps2101de11.jpg

As long as I have time, I wuldn’t mind working on friends’ cars. Just like this on, an FD3S with Ings+1 body kits tuned for drifting. Most of it’s spcs are kept secret, unlike the gold paintjob which is meant to stand out.

All these cars and some others can be sen in my ‘garage’ in DeviantArt



  1. Hanya satu kata utk halaman ini : KEREN BAGEEETT ! ! ! ! ! Salut nich buat Didit yang kreatif bgt mendesain foto dan ilmuny sdh tingkat tinggi….

    Btw, tks yach udh ksh coment ke blog gw yg msh acak2an…….

  2. Dear Didit
    Setelah saya melihat gambar Chevy CAPTIVA custom (putih) dg body kit, ada yg ingin sy tanyakan : Brp biaya utk mengcustom Captiva Full Body Kit & Brp lama durasi pengerjaannya.? Dan jika ada alternative pilihan design captiva yg lain silakan di kirimkan gbrnya.
    Atas infonya sy ucapkan terima kasih.

    Harry “ChoppAddict”

    1. Dear Harry,
      Sebelumnnya saya memohon maaf jika saya tidak bisa menjawab pertanyaan Anda mengenai biaya dan lama pengerjaan body kit custom untuk Captiva ini, karena rancangan body kit custom ini dibuat khusus untuk dipajang di blog saya saja dan saya pribadi belum pernah berniat mewujudkannya dalam bentuk show car atau semacamnya. Oleh karena itu pula saya tidak menyertakan desain bumper balakangnya. Walaupun demikian saya dapat memberikan alternatif desain ataupun desain body kit lengkap untuk Captiva generasi ini.

      Tolong kontak saya kembali jika Anda benar – benar berminat, namun harus diingat bahwa desain saya tidak dibuat untuk tujuan komersil.

      My Warmest Regards,


    1. Bukan, bro… jarang ikut forum desain kayak gitu, palingan cuma majang hasil karya di flickr atau blog sendiri aja. Kalau buat saat ini gak sempet ikut forum lagi, karena udah sibuk duluan sama kerjaan…

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