Other Pics

I made these pics in my spare time. Instead of photoshop, these pics were made mostly by using Adobe Illustrator. They’re still downloadable, and of course you can use them for any purpose you like.

chibi Midori photo midori.jpg

Alright, let’s start with the chibis (child body). This is a picture of Midori, which I’ve ever used as my profile picture in YM. I think it’s pretty cute. 😀

Happy Yotsuba photo Yotsuba.png

When I see at this picture, it always makes me happy. It’s just me or everyone who sees it feel the same way, too? 😛

Racer Archer photo Archer.png

Alright, now it’s for the boys. I used to use this picture for my social media profile page. So for you who wants to look cool in your profile, you can download and use this picture for your profile. 🙂

Mai and Natsuki photo Mai__Natsuki-1.png

Okay, this time is for the girls, who can feel the warmth of friendship. You’re lucky because we boys can’t feel that way. sigh… 😦

Luchia Onee-sama photo Luchia_Onee-sama-1.png

I want to call her Nee-sama (elder sister) because she looks so err…respectful..??? and gentle. ^^. Anyway, the main reason is because she is called Luchia Nee-sama in the anime. 😛 Yup, Luchia is her name.

Sumire-Chan photo Sumire-chan-1.png

Sumire will always looks good in any pose. yup, that’s right, her name is Sumire. She is pretty cute, isn’t she?
Now what am I saying? blabbering again? 😦

The gentle Saber photo FateandFurious.png Cute_Saber photo Cute_Saber.jpg

I always dream to be with her, to feel her gentleness, what a perfect dream. But, anyway, who am I to talk? I’m just an ordinary boy and also a pathetic dreamer. >_<

the Strict Rin photo Rin.jpg

Awww… I’m so scared, Rin always looks so stubborn and cold toward strangers like me. please don’t scold me, Rin…!

Mai photo Mai.png

This is the image which I use on my wall titled “Special Occasion”. I can’t say anything on this one, since Mai looks very beautiful here. 😛

Aono should smile more photo trace_Aono.png

Aono actually looks very beautiful. IF only she smiled more. Anyway, I still like her. :3

Matsuri photo trace_Matsuri.png

I like Matsuri, too. But she seems like a bit too aggressive for a girl. And that’s why I have some kind of strange feeling towards her. 😐

Kirara photo Kirara.png

Hey, whose cat’s this? oh, maybe there is someone who knows that I like cats, perhaps?
And somehow this cat seems cute, isn’t it?

The Confident Nono photo Nono.jpg

Even though she looks so confident from the outside, Nono is actually weak and needs to be protected. I’m here ready to be her Nii-san and protect her all the time.

The Modest Mugi photo Mugi.jpg

Aww… the modest Mugi looks so cute here, just makes me want to pinch her cheek because of her cuteness. X3

Maria in SailorFuku photo Maria_in_SailorFuku-1.png

Maria looks much younger here. Of course she does, this picture shows her when she was 13 years old. She looks so sweet that makes me want to go out with her. 😛

Ushio-chan photo Ushio.png

Waa… Ushio-chan looks so cute… I wanna hug her if she comes to me… ^w^

Bookworm Miyo-chan photo Miyo-chansclip.png

Another pics of cute girls. This girl goes with the name Miyo – chan.
Many people said that although she looks this cute when she was a kid. She is indeed a sadistic person when she grows up.

Kiyora-chan photo Kiyora.png

Meet Hiromachi Kiyora-chan. She is a character from my second manga. Just like the first one, I made this second manga of mine for a time – filling activity. The manga itself is still in progress and will never be published.

Cheerful Chihaya photo Chihaya.png

The cheerful Chihaya always cheer my days up. Hope she can do that to everyone, too… 😉

Ayune-chan photo Ayune.png

This girl goes with the name Harimoto Ayune. She is a character who’s made for my beloved nee-chan. The making of this character is inspired by my nee-chan herself.

Yara-chan at ADRT's Garage photo JDM-Lover.jpg

About a while ago, our friend, Yara-chan, visited us at our team (ADRT)’s garage. Then as a return, we allowed her to take a picture next to our S15 and give her an ADRT’s badge as a token of our appreciation. Please visit us again anytime you like, Yara-chan…!

Sissy Full Blast photo Sissy_fullblast.jpg

This is another picture of Sissy, and again, it’s in ‘nekomimi’ form. I actually made this for a graphic design class in my university. But in the end I feel so excited in finishing this one… =3

This is Hazumu-chan, Sissy’s mother and my wife who always help us in the garage… but that’s a joke! The actual thing is Hazumu-chan is one of my most favorited characters. I always wanted to get a picture of her in a proper resolution because all I found on the net are always pictures of her in small resolution. That gave me no choice but to make one by myself.

Somehow I’m currently in a melancholic mode and I admit that it realy affects my drawing. This is a picture of my friend Elisse (Erisu-chan) in anime form, standing in a pose that seems contemporary, in my opinion. But she looks beautiful, doesn’t she?

This is 100% guaranteed as a fan-art, I mean… take a look and you’ll never find this kind of official picture anywhere. In this picture (or more exactly, magazine cover), Haruhi is seemingly driving her Civic Type-R FD2. In m opinion, FD2 is the most suitable car for her. Regarding this matter, any objections?

Elisse the hired driver photo Elisse_Racer_zpsdaa76d1c.jpg

If you’re wondering how Elisse looks like in my artwork, it should be like this on this pic a young lady with some badass skills. Okay, I gotta admit this version of her gets nothing to do with the actual person.

 photo LittleSister_zpscbd66dd5.jpg

Imouto-chan on a magazine cover, why not? She looks totally different than the last time I met her, too. She is like… more mature, perhaps? :3


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